• 15 Million people are appropriate for hereditary cancer testing.
    Genetic testing can be vitally important for the people
    who have certain types of cancers that run in their family.
  • SMA Genetics
    We have a history of excellent customer service
    for our patients, along with a track record of
    experience from our collaboration with
    researchers and clinicians.

Our Company

SMA employs industry experts so that our vision for exceptional standard of care becomes your reality.

Our organization consists of:

  • The Right People
  • The Right Processes
  • The Right System
  • The Right Technology
  • The Right Equipment

Our Services

ComprehensiveDx ClearTM

ComprehensiveDx ClearTM is a comprehensive panel for hereditary breast, ovarian, uterine, colorectal, pancreatic, prostate and melanoma cancers.

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BreastDx ClearTM

BreastDx ClearTM is a multi-gene test that analyzes 16 breast cancer susceptibility genes.

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BrcaDx ClearTM

BrcaDx ClearTM is a next-generation sequencing assay designed for BRCA1/2 mutation testing for individuals who have a personal and/or family history of a hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

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ColoDx ClearTM

ColoDx ClearTM is a multi-gene test focused on hereditary colon cancer syndromes.

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LynchDx ClearTM

LynchDx ClearTM is a next-generation assay that analyzes point mutations, gross deletions and duplications in five genes associated with Lynch Syndrome.

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ProstateDx ClearTM

ProstateDx ClearTM is a multi-gene test that analyzes 16 prostate cancer susceptibility genes.

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